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A Carnival of Aros

An Aromantic / Aro-Spec Blogging Carnival
Website: A Carnival of Aros
Description: A Carnival of Aros is a blogging carnival, which is an event where various people blog around a single topic. At the end of the carnival, a host blog collects all the links. It’s a way of encouraging a variety of different voices, and a way to bring attention to blogs that would otherwise go under the radar.
The Carnival of Aros is a monthly blogging carnival centered on aromantic and aro-spec identities and experiences.


Aromantic-spectrum Union for Recognition, Education, and Advocacy
Description: AUREA’s goal is to assist in the growth of the aromantic community and advocate for its interests through furthering recognition and education internationally. To do so we assemble information about aromanticism, including vocabulary, research, online resources, links to in-person groups, and printable educational materials. We aim to be a contact point for researchers and media looking to explore the aromantic experiences. Our news feed informs about the ongoing developments in the community.

Aros on Instagram:

Celia @aro_comics
Description: All of her are content is very supportive and comforting to me as an arospec. Her art has also been helpful explaining specific aspects of my art experiences to my allo friends. (Recommended November 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

K. A. Cooks

Aromantic-spectrum Union for Recognition, Education, and Advocacy
Description: Ze is an author who primarily writes about aroallos. (Recommended May 2023)

Aro-themed Merch:

Website: The Pin Prick | Subtle aro accessories, mainly pins
Prices: Each item costs roughly USD$8-$17 (+shipping)
Description: They are a very friendly and inclusive small business that offers a good range of aro(spec) accessories! Aside from pins, they also produce aro lanyards and shoelaces made from recycled plastic. I've recently bought their shoelaces and as aromantic lace locks to go with them and they look amazing! Their packaging is subtle which is helpful for aros living with people they aren't out to. (Recommended November 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

Editing & Sensitivity Reading

Ferris Fynboh | Verified Aro Professional
Website: Ferris Fynboh | Editing and Sensitity Reading for Media Content (Books, Short Stories, TV shows, etc.)
Prices: Variable based on services -- between $20 and $55 per hour.
Based in Colorado, USA (Recommended April 2022)

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