Mental Healthcare


Kara Yeske

Profession: Psychologist, specializes in Family Systems therapy
Website: Kara Yeske
(039) 809-1000 | Level 5, Suite 503 425 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South VIC 3127 Australia
Fees: $275
Recommendation: She was very accepting of me being aroace, and even accepted that I'm aplatonic too. My orientation didn't come up very often, but she was never dismissive when it did, and she never implied it could be a problem. (Recommended November 2021)


Laura Guenzel

Profession: Counselling practicum student
Website: Expressive Wellness |
Fees: $25-75 sliding scale
Insurance: People with benefits for Registered Clinical Counselling
Recommendation: Laura is a ace/aro, non-binary, neurodivergent practicum student I am working alongside. They formerly ran peer ace/aro peer groups and really love to nerd out about ace/aco stuff, neurodivergence, fat liberation, or working alongside folks about other life things knowing that the counsellor also has lived ace/aro experience. (Recommended May 2022)

British Columbia

Kai Grant

Profession: Therapist
Website: Kai Grant
Fees: Sliding scale, $60-$120 for individual sessions
Recommendation: Kai is an open person who is particularly understanding of fluidity and the spectrum of experiences an a-spec person might have. Things are not simply black and white or able to be put into boxes, and they are someone dedicated to working with you as a an equal learner. (Recommended October 2020)

Mark Antczak

Profession: Registered Clinical Counsellor, OCD Specialist
Website: Vancouver CBT Center |
(604) 738-7337 | Suite 302 - 1765 West 8th Ave Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 5C6
Fees: 140 CAD/50 minute session
Recommendation: Mark is an OCD specialist who has changed my life. I am aro and ace, and while it doesn’t come up often in our sessions, when it does he understands it completely and is fully culturally competent in the area. I never have to explain it to him or worry that he will be dismissive or think that my symptoms are related to my identity. He spent 5 years studying asexuality and non-binary gender identity, so while aromanticism was not at the forefront of this research, he came across it regularly and is experienced with all of the concepts. He is also just a great therapist. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

Keegan Baulkham

Profession: Counselling, nature-based therapy
Website: Tall Tree Health |
1 (250) 658-9222 | 5325 Cordova Bay Rd #140, Victoria, BC V8Y 2L3
Fees: $145 CAD / 50 minute session
Recommendation: Keegan really helped me work through some trauma, and, although we didn't explicitly discuss aromanticism, he was incredibly understanding and validating of all my experiences. Even when I said family and partnerships don't matter to me, he was quick to say there's nothing wrong that; finding what DOES matter and making sure I feel good about my choices is more important than doing what I'm "supposed to do". Also worth mentioning that he was the first mental health professional who told me I don't have to put any effort into trying to date, have sex, or have a family at all if I don't feel like it. It doesn't mean I'm doing life wrong or missing out - it just means I have a different path and I'm entitled to it. Just a really good guy. (Recommended February 2023)
Rating from aros: 5

Unceded, traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations

Matsui De Roo

Profession: Counsellors/Therapist
Website: J. Matsui De Roo MA RCC |
(604) 726 2183 | Unceded, traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations
Fees: $150 per 50 min session (has sliding scale options)CAD
Recommendation: Wonderful! Theyre non-binary and mixed race (japanese european). Very strong anti oppression and feminist approach. Super good at chronic illness and disability stuff. Not super knowledgable on aro terminology but always very open to learninb. Often familiar with the concepts of things like amatonormativity without knowing the word for it. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5


Caroline Elson

Profession: Psychotherapist/Meditation
Website: Caroline Elson |
(613) 282 7905 | 149 Second Avenue Ottawa, ON, K1S 2H6
Fees: $141.25 (Canadian) per hour
Recommendation: While talking about being aro has rarely been a significant part of our session, when it does come up I felt comfortable talking about it with her response. On one occasion the majority of our session focused on the ways that I feel dehumanized by aro (and ace) coding of non-human characters in fiction, and her responses and discussion with me was helpful and respectful. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

Asta Atu

Profession: Counselling/Psychotherapy
Website: Rainy Days Therapy |
(289) 577-9214 | Markham, Ontario, Canada
Fees: $100-120
Recommendation: She identifies an aroace woman and is very understanding and open to those identities and has experience in many different areas of counselling to help those struggling with identity issues. (Recommended January 2022)
Rating from aros: 4



Andrea Shoemaker, Integrated Behavioral Health in Muscle Shoals

Profession: IBH offers CBT and Psychiatry among other methods to treat mental health.
Website: IBHUS |
(855) 422-1618 | 1800 Beverly Ave Muscle Shoals, AL 35661 (Other AL locations listed on website)
Recommendation: IBH does a bit of promoting itself towards LGBT+ acceptance and positivity. I have seen three different professionals over the past several months, and I have seen nothing but accepting and understanding towards my identity. My personal therapist, Andrea Shoemaker, is incredibly supportive of individuals from all different walks of life, including aromantic people. Quite a bit of her patients are LGBT+ of different variants (transgender, nonbinary, bisexual, queer platonic romantic, gender non conforming, etc.). All of the professionals I’ve seen there have been very efficient and quick to use my correct name and pronouns; mentioning as a plus if you are transgender. (Recommended September 2021)
Rating from aros: 5


Marina Greenhalgh

Profession: Licensed Certified Professional Counselor (LCPC)
Website: Tucson Counseling Associates |
125 E Mabel St Tucson, 85705
Fees: $75 for a 50 minute session
Recommendation: I am out to her as aroace and nonbinary and she was already familiar with and supportive of all those identities. I brought up my frustrations with amatonormativity and she was already familiar with the term and validated my feelings. In addition to her support of my identities she is an all around great therapist. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5


Shane Baskins, LPC

Profession: Addiction recovery (group and individual), anger management (group and individual), couples therapy, EMDR, family therapy, sobriety court, and trauma & PTSD
Website: Conway CWC |
(501) 358-6606 | 855 S German Lane, Conway, AR 72034 OR 224 Shake Rag Road, Clinton, AR 72031
Insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield among others
Recommendation: I've been seeing Shane for a long time for trauma and PTSD. I've seen other "LGBTQ friendly" therapists, but Shane really is LGBTQ friendly! We have talked about asexuality and aromanticism (although briefly) and he has never treated it like a "curse" or something to be ashamed of. Which is kind of the bare minimum, but it's hard enough to find a therapist that knows what aromanticism is. (Recommended February 2023)
Rating from aros: 4


Kevin Connors MTF

Profession: Therapy
Website: Kevin Connors MTF |
(562) 498-4937 | Long Beach, CA
Fee: Fee may be adjusted,based on financial need.
Recommendation: He has been my therapist for longer than I've known I'm aromantic, over five years. A known and respected expert in his niche field. (Recommended January 2021)
Rating from aros: 5

Tara Burnley

Profession: Counselor
Website: Tara Burnley
(805) 642-4611 | 3160 Telegraph Road, Suite 200 Ventura, CA 93003
Insurance: Cigna. Possibly others as well.
Recommendation: Nice woman, has kinda cool-aunt vibes. Works regularly with queer people and asexuality, wasn't familiar with aromanticism but after an explanation she was accepting and open to it. Uses psychodynamic therapy and she's really good at helping you work through and teaching you how to cope with anxiety and depression, and with academic stress. Currently only does teletherapy. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

Dr. India Gomez

Profession: Psychologist
Website: Dr. India Gomez |
(510) 926-6829 | 2940 Summit St, Ste 2D Oakland, CA 94609
Fees: Sliding scale | Insurance: Medicare Part B, Cigna
Recommendation: Dr. Gomez is not aromantic or asexual, but she is accepting and open-minded and does research to teach herself things. She does not pathologize asexuality or aromanticism. She listens to her patients and asks kind, nonjudgemental questions when she needs clarification. She believes people when they tell her their identity. She also has experience with trans clients. (Recommended February 2021)
Rating from aros: 5

Through the Woods Therapy Center

Profession: Individual and relationship therapy
Website: Through the Woods Therapy Center |
(213) 212-3093 | 660 S. Figueroa Street #1710, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Fees: $190 per session; sessions are once per week | Insurance: Out-of-network; will provide a superbill for PPO reimbursement
Self-recommended October 2020

Daniel Cohen

Profession: Therapist, family and individual counseling, trauma therapy, addiction, sexuality, depression, anxiety, anger, grief, and relationship issues
Website: Daniel Cohen
(805) 324-6623 | Telehealth
Fees: $75-$150 | Insurance: Holman Group, MedCal
Recommendation: Amazing Queer ally, incredibly nuanced understanding of aromantic and asexual spectrum and lovely about respecting where you fall on that spectrum, great with trans issues and unwaveringly supportive of your identity. (Recommended February 2021)
Rating from aros: 5


Holly Shubert

Profession: Therapist
Website: All Health Network
(303) 730-8858 | 5500 S Sycamore st Littleton, CO 80120
Insurance: Medicaid and commercial insurance plans
Recommendation: I've seen her as a client for several years now and am personally asexual, which she's positive about, and we've also disscused aromantisism before and she's always been postive toward the idea and I have no doubt she'd be highly respectful of any aromantic client. (Recommended October 2020)


Dr. James D. Russell Psy.D

Profession: Psychologist
Website: James D. Russell, II, Psy.D |
(678) 318-1730 | 630 Hillcrest Rd. NW, Suite 400, Lilburn, GA 30047
Fee: $150 | Insurance: Aetna, BlueCross and BlueShield, Cigna, Humana, MultiPlan, Out of Network
Recommendation: He’s been my therapist for a few years now, and he’s kind and genuine. He’s given me advice and resources that has helped me in my mental health journey. (Recommended January 2021)
Rating from aros: 5

Tiffany Jones

Profession: Psychotherapist
Website: Tiffany Jones |
(404) 913-4896 | 2370 Main Street, Tucker GA 30084
Fee: $125 Out of Network
Recommendation: Incredibly accommodating and understanding, and has helped lots with my mental health recovery. Queer-friendly and is supportive of aro/ace identities. (Recommended July 2021)
Rating from aros: 5


Kevin Lindley

Profession: Counseling
Website: Sullivan Mental Health
(208) 523-1558 | 1904 Jennie Lee Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83404
Fees: $141.25 (Canadian) per hour | Insurance: Medicaid
Recommendation: I've been seeing this therapist for 2 years and he's by far the best I've ever had. I'm trans, aromantic, asexual, and a trauma survivor and he has been wonderful and understanding for all of those things. He has a lot of experience working with queer people and is very familiar with assisting patients with legal issues. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5


Sharon Petzel, LCSW

Profession: Psychologist/Counselor
Website: Clear Mind Light Heart, PC
(847) 894-7070 | Elk Grove Village, IL
Fees: sliding scale. $100+
Recommendation: Incredibly open and understanding, the best therapist I've worked with thus far (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 4

Maribeth Germino (LPC) | Verified Aro Professional

Profession: Therapy/professional counseling
Website: Psychology Today
(224) 478-0663 | Meghan L Reitz & Associates - Schaumburg 1101 Perimeter Drive STE 450 Schaumburg, IL 60173
Fees: $90-135
Insurance: Blue Cross, Blue Shield, BlueCross and BlueShield, Optum, United Healthcare UHC | UBH, Out of Network
Self-recommended January 2022


Karen Miller

Profession: Clinical Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist
Website: Shelby Counseling Associates
She's been very supportive and open to listening to me talk about my experiences as an aroace teen, and what little I've spoken about regarding lovelessness she's been supportive of, too. (Recommended February 2023)
Rating from aros: 5


Jennifer Vennell

Profession: Therapy
(401) 440-5689
Insurance: First Health (Coventry Health Care)
Recommendation: Very supportive and willing to learn about other LGBTQ+ identities, respectful about pronouns (Recommended November 2020)
Rating from aros: 5


Heather Dannison

Profession: Psychologist, personal counseling
(269) 743-3277 | 4029 West Main Street Kalamazoo, MI 49006
Fees: Sliding scale; $30 minimum per session
Recommendation: I mentioned being aromantic in our very first session to test the waters on that, and Dr. Dannison was not only familiar with the concept (amazing) but immediately accepting and has never made any attempt to pathologize or change it. She's also extremely affirming on matters of gender; I likewise told her early on that I'm a bit gender squishy and not too pressed about figuring out exactly how I identify, and she's been entirely respectful about that - honestly, she takes more care not to refer to me as solely female than I do. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

Dr. Sarah Lickiss

Profession: Pediatric Therapist
(616) 391-2123 | 330 Barclay ave NE ste 203 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Insurance: Spectrum and others
Recommendation: She is a very good therapist and doctor, and very queer friendly. Though i’m not aro myself, I am trans and gay, and she has been supportive and helpful throughout all of it. I know for a fact she (and frankly their whole office) is ace/aro friendly. (Recommended October 2020)

Riley Ubben

Profession: Psychotherapist
Website: Melbornstein Clinic
$50-$198 per hour, grants available
Recommended January 2022
Rating from aros: 4


Nicole Thomte

Profession: Licensed Marriage (Couple) and Family Therapist br>Website: Nicole Thomte |
(702) 321-0828 | 421 1st Ave SW Ste 250E Rochester, MN 55904
Fees: some insurances accepted, cash rate $150/ 55 minute session
Insurance: Ucare, Medicaid, Optum, Preferred One, Medica
Recommended April 2021


Brit Gunther

Profession: Therapy
Website: Brave Resilience |
(402) 819-8047 | 919 Galvin Rd S Suite A, Bellevue, NE 68005
Recommendation: Incredibly understanding, approachable, and easy to talk to! I'm not aro, but Brit Gunther is highly knowledgable and supportive of the LGBTQIA+ Community. They oftentimes serve as a gender therapist. Serves both Nebraska and Iowa. (Recommended January 2022)

New Jersey

Robbie Conrad

Profession: Therapist
Website: Robbie Conrad |
(973) 494-1034 | 155 Pompton Avenue, Suite 202 Verona, NJ 07044
Recommendation: In one of my first sessions with her, I asked her if she'd worked with patients who were aro or ace before. She said yes, and I explained that I'm aroace and that I wanted to say that early on because I know some people consider being aspec to be a mental disorder. She does not consider being aspec a mental disorder, and she was receptive to my coming out to her. I've talked to her a little about how amatonormativity affects me and that I get squishes, although I'm still trying to get more comfortable with talking about my squishes. Dr. Conrad is the second therapist I've worked with, and a significant improvement over my previous one. Sessions with her really help me talk through what I'm thinking about. (Recommended November 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

New York

Patricia Noon, LMSW

Profession: Therapist, LMSW
Website: Choices Counseling & Consulting |
(518) 438-2222
Recommended October 2020
Rating from aros: 5

Sisy Valdiviezo

Profession: Psychotherapist
Website: Sisy Valdiviezo
(208) 523-1558 | Brooklyn, NY 11222
Insurance: Multiple
Lanugages: English & Spanish
Recommendation: She has been incredible about all of my identities, and especially about my aromanticism. I explained it in my first session and she never questioned it or made me feel uncomfortable about it. She continuously validates my identity. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

North Carolina

Down to Earth Counseling

Profession: Counseling/therapy for individuals, partners, and families
Website: Down to Earth Counseling |
(919) 443-5018 | Durham, North Carolina
Fees: $120/hour full rate; $60-120/hour sliding scale
Recommended October 2020
Self recommended

Glenn Borror

Profession: Therapist
Fees: $120/hour full rate; $60-120/hour sliding scale
I've had a fantastic experience with him. I'm not, myself, aro, but he's been very competent and understanding of the LGBT community at large - being a gay man himself - and was very supportive during the times I've been questioning, both in regards to possibly being aro, but also with my general orientation and gender (Recommended April 2021).


Sara Griffey, Do Better Wellness Corp.

Profession: Therapist LCSW
Website: Do Better Wellness Corp |
(918) 928-2809
Fees: Sliding scale based on income
Recommendation: Former therapist, now runs a non-profit for education, mentoring, and therapeutic coaching. Comprehensive wellness services. These include, but are not limited to: physical wellness, job-hunting services, financial services (such as creating a budget or creating a debt reduction plan), self-esteem training, etc. I've been seeing Sara both in person and via online meetings two years now. They're queer and heavily involved in the local LGBTQ+ community in Tulsa, OK. I've found them very supportive and knowledgeable about queer/general aromantic concepts. (Recommended February 2021)
Rating from aros: 5


Dr. David M Myers, Ph.D

Profession: Psychologist
(814) 577-8360 | Pennsylvania
Fees: $150/hour
Recommendation: I had him as a therapist through my college (IUP), but he also has a small private practice. When summer break started and the university stopped paying him, he even gave me a couple months of pro bono teletherapy sessions because he knew I couldn't pay out of pocket. He's been incredibly accepting and supportive of me being aromantic, asexual, and nonbinary. He's an incredibly kind and supportive therapist in general, who truly cares about his work and wants what's best for all of his patients. His only flaw is that he sometimes gets too optimistic about my progress and doesn't always catch on to my maladaptive patterns until I point them out. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 4


Rowan Hartin

Profession: Therapist and career counselor (specialties: young adults, ADHD, LGBTQIA+, chronic illness/pain, depression and anxiety)
Website: Rowan Hartin |
(713) 992-5010 | 428 Lovett Blvd Houston, TX 77006
Fees: Sliding scale, but usually $100 per session
Recommendation: While not aro herself, she is a part of the queer community and has experience helping queer people in general and is knowledgeable about many queer identities, including some arospec identities. She is always respectful and also takes time to do research on any identities that she may not have heard of previous to make sure she understands. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

Danilo Novoa

Profession: Therapist LCSW
Website: Danilo Novoa LCSW
(713) 992-5010 | 428 Lovett Blvd Houston, TX 77006
Insurance: 1199SEIU, AMERIGROUP, Aetna, All Aetna Plans-their directory is not up to date, Anthem, Beacon, BlueCross and BlueShield, CareSource, Cigna, EMI Health, Humana, Magellan, Medicaid, Medicare, Optum, Oxford, UMR, UnitedHealthcare, Out of Network
Recommendation: He was very open and willing to learn about aromanticism, and never implied that it was something that had been done to me or that I needed to change about myself. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

Karina Schwarz

Profession: Therapist - art therapy and other forms of counseling
(210) 885-2549 | 19260 Stone Oak Pkwy #101, San Antonio, TX 78258
Fees: $125
Recommendation: Excellent therapist with a well rounded knowledge of queer history and experiences. Has been encouraging and understanding towards my asexuality, aromanticism, and gender identity. Overall a very attentive and helpful therapist. (Recommended January 2022)
Rating from aros: 5


Encircle and Encircle Therapy

Profession: Mental Healthcare
Website: Encircle |
331 South 600 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
Insurance: SelectHealth, DMBA, BlueCross Blue Shield/Regence, Cigna, United/Optum, UofU, Aetna, EMI, PEHP
Recommendation: Encircle is a community home, with friendly facilitators, great community, and loving volunteers. They offer friendship circles, which are not therapy, but just a chance to talk with other people who share your identity. Aro specific: Ask about the Ace/Aro group, or if contacting Provo, tell them AJ sent you ;) (Recommended November 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

Flourish Counseling

Profession: LCSW, Therapy and Counseling
Website: Flourish Therapy |
(385) 309-1038 | 1426 E 820 N, Orem, UT 84097
Insurance: Subsidized, work with patients.
Recommendation: I worked with them before, and they are trusted in the Queer Community here. Very open, friendly and supportive of people in between faith and queerness. (Recommended November 2020)
Rating from aros: 4


Casey Holtz

Profession: Child & Family Therapist
Website: Casey A. Holtz, Ph. D. LLC |
(414) 810-7647 | 126 N. Jefferson St., Suite 200 Milwaukee, WI 53202
Recommendation: I was his first aromantic patient, and had very good experiences. Casey never implied that my aromanticism was caused by something or is a symptom of a problem, but took it at face value and learned along with me. He's been an advocate for me with my mom, who sometimes struggles to understand my romantic orientation. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

Emily Forscher

Profession: Therapy
Website: Casey A. Holtz, ​Ph. D. LLC |
(608) 274-0355 | 2702 International Ln., Ste. 207 Madison WI 53704
Insurance: The Alliance, WEA Trust, WPS, Unity, Dean, Quartz, Physicians Plus, Blue Cross Blue Shield
Recommendation: This is my therapist, and she's very good. I'm out to her as asexual and she didn't react negatively about it at all. She did her thesis work on LGBTQ+ patients. I can't recommend her highly enough. (Recommended October 2020)
Rating from aros: 5

Sidra Dillard (MS, LPC/IT)

Profession: Associate Counselor, TGNC Coordinator
333 East Campus Mall, Madison WI 53706
Fee: Free for University of Wisconsin Madison students who pay tuition
Sidra has been my therapist for two years and has been sensitive and understanding of the ways in which being aromantic and trans affect my mental health without judgement. Sidra themself was in contact on my behalf during an incident where an a-spec group I had suggested was named only after asexuality, and provided resources on aromanticism for the entire mental health department. (Recommended June 2021)
Rating from aros: 5

United Kingdom

Mandy Martin | Verified Aro Professional

Profession: Counselor
Website: Mandy Martin Counselling
Self-recommended January 2022

West Sussex

Sarah Harris

Profession: Child & Family Therapist
Website: Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy |
07380 965873 | First Floor Office, 35 Liverpool Gardens, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1SU
Fees: £50 per 1 hour session
Recommended October 2020
Rating from aros: 5

If you've had great experiences with a professional, or are aro and would like to recommend yourself, make a recommendation here!